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Long title

Federal Act enacting provisions for private radio broadcasting

(Private Radio Broadcasting Act – PrR-G)

National Council: Legislation period XXI Government bill draft 401

committee report 470 p. 55. Federal Council: committee report 6299 p


1. Section


§ 1. (1) This Federal Act lays down the rules for performing radio

broadcasts by means of analogous terrestrial transmitting


(2) Radio station operators in terms of the subject Federal Act

are required to have a licence.

(3) The Broadcasting Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 379/1984 remains



§ 2. In terms of the subject Federal Act the following terms mean:

1. radio station operator: who, with the exception of the Austrian

Broadcasting Corporation, produces, compiles and broadcasts radio

programmes or causes such programmes to be produced, compiled and

broadcast by others;

2. license: the authorization under broadcasting and

telecommunications legislation for broadcasting a radio programme in

the area to be covered by means of the transmitting capacities


3. area to be covered: the geographical territory defined in the

license by the transmitting capacity as well as the municipality

areas to be covered;

4. transmitting capacity: the technical parameters, such as

location of the transmitting station, transmitter frequency,

transmitting power and antenna features for terrestrial broadcasting

of radio programmes;

5. double and multiple coverage: use of a transmitting capacity

which from a technical point of view is not necessarily required for

coverage of an area to be covered or for coverage in terms of

§ 10 para 1 subpara 1;

6. media owner: a domestic or foreign owner of a daily newspaper

or weekly magazine or a domestic or foreign TV or radio station


7. media group: a minimum of two persons or partnerships, one of

whom being a media owner, who are to be considered group companies

due to the ownership or control situation as stated in § 9 para 4.

2. Section


§ 3. (1) Licenses to broadcast radio programmes shall be granted

by the regulatory authority for a ten year period. They shall be

issued in writing, otherwise being null and void.

(2) The licence shall state the type, scheme and length of the

broadcasts, define the area to be covered and allocate the

transmitting capacities. The regulatory authority may also impose

the prerequisites necessary to ensure compliance with this Act. When